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Sonet Group was founded in 1999 as a locally based Van Nuys California computer service group. 

Sonet Group has moved it's HQ to Cary, North Carolina in 2021 and maintains staff of technicians, network administrators and helpdesk service managers providing service to small businesses, multi location clientele and residential clients. The company's record of service is unmatched in the computer service industry gaining praise from homeowners and businesses.


In the past, we used to wait by the phone for things to break so we could get paid for your misery. That philosophy changed years ago from Reactive to Proactive to Automated. Sonet Group offers a wide variety of support services from on-site, remote, hosted, automated maintenance, asset management, procurement and more. We offer 24/7 monitoring and/or remediation support for those clients that work or have a business around the clock.



You have many choices in computer and technology support. Any search in a local yellow pages or online directory will provide many technicians claiming the ability to solve all sorts of technical issues.   So, why are so many people unhappy with their IT choices and why choose Sonet Group?  The answer is QUALITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. Sonet Group is not a technician directory or a franchise group. We are a company that is known for unsurpassed quality and customer service. We take every service call personally and put our customers first, we know what it takes to ensure satisfaction.  We don't just dispatch technicians. We provide consultations on every call to ensure that you get clear guidance, understanding, and education. Our goal is not just to respond to calls for service but to assist our clients in having a better setup and to be in better shape than when they called us.

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